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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] O17int
    Con Kolivas <> writes:

    >> > This patch prevents any single task from being able to starve the
    >> > runqueue that it's on. This minimises the impact a poorly behaved
    >> > application or a malicious one has on the rest of the system. If an
    >> I have to disagree. Open a file of a few hundred lines in XEmacs and
    >> do a regexp search for "^[> ]*-*\n\\([> ]*.*\n\\)*[> ]*foo". The
    >> system will more or less freeze. It's a very nasty regexp, and it's
    >> an error to try to use it, but it still shouldn't freeze the system.
    > Reasonably sure this is a variation on the starvation which O17
    > won't address.

    Well, obviously.

    I tried O17 minus 016.2-O16.3, and I don't get the problems, even with
    X at nice 0. Does that tell you anything.

    > Please top/vmstat/profile this and I'll look into it. There is
    > potential for starvation without using up full timeslices and this
    > may be it.

    I'll do when I boot a kernel that has the problem.

    Måns Rullgård

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