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SubjectRe: Console on USB
>   So I ordered a USB to serial converter, configured a 2.6.0-test3 
> kernel, added a console=/dev/ttyUSB0 to the kernel command line and
> connected this to my desktop with a null modem adapter.

What made you think this will work?!

> Is there any advice I might be able to use to get this going?

You'd have to write it. Grep for register_console for starters.
But I do not advise it, see below.

> I really want to be able to catch some oops output.

If oops happens with interrupts closed, forget about it.
USB needs interrupts to work. This is one of the reasons nobody
bothered to implement console over USB serial.

You will have a better chance using Ingo's netconsole, if a patch
for your Ethernet driver exists.

-- Pete
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