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SubjectRe: nforce2 lockups
I downloaded and applied the acpi patch patch_2.4.22-rc2_to_acpi-2.4-20030813.bz2 from:

and it did cure my spurious interrupt problem, but unfortunately, my lockups have returned.

It is strange that kernel 2.4.22-rc2 had never locked up at all (only with apic enabled). Ran it for a good week or so with absolutely no lockup (again, only with apic enabled). I tried my best to make it lockup and it never did, but the spurious interrupts made any device that loaded with IRQ 16 and above pretty much worthless. If I disabled apic, my lockups returned.

So there was something about 2.4.22-rc2 (with acpi enabled), that prevented lockups (but had tons os spurious interrupts). Something in patch_2.4.22-rc2_to_acpi-2.4-20030813.bz2 cured the spurious interrupts, but brought back the lockups.

Ken Groombridge

----- Original Message -----
> > I have ASUS A7N8X Deluxe mobo with nForce2 rev 162 without any
> problems> (if not counting unability to enabe SiI SATA DMA mode
> with attached
> > Seagate Barracuda drive).
> I have the exact same Board (except I'm not using SATA), and it's
> a nightmare.
> Best uptime so far: a little more than 16 hours. Usually it locks
> up a lot
> earlier. When I do network transfers I can cause it to lock within
> a few
> minutes. Under "the other OS" it runs without any problems.
> - --
> Patrick Dreker

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