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SubjectFwd: Re: 2.6 test3-bk7 & -mm3 : HPT374 - cable missdetection, lock-ups
----- Forwarded message from Svetoslav Slavtchev <galia@st-peter.stw.> -----
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 02:55:13 +0200 (CEST)
From: Svetoslav Slavtchev <>
Reply-To: Svetoslav Slavtchev <>
Subject: Re: 2.6 test3-bk7 & -mm3 : HPT374 - cable missdetection, lock-ups
To: Duncan Laurie <>

Quoting Duncan Laurie <>:

> > first test run of 2.6 on Epox 8k9a3+ VIA KT400 VT8235,
> > HPT374 and 4 IBM Deskstar GXP120 80Gb on each chanel as master
> > Mandrake-cooker gcc-3.3.1
> >
> > the 3rd and the 4th chanel of the HPT374 are saying that the used
> > cable is 40 wires, so it forces the drives in UDMA33 which i think
> > causes the lock-ups several seconds after booting in runlevel 1
> Here is a patch (against 2.6.0-test3) for the cable detect problem
> on the 3rd/4th channels of the hpt374. This same patch made its
> way into 2.4 via the -ac tree but hasn't been put in 2.6 yet.
> It fixes some cable detect issues that stem from the fact that the
> cable detect pins are also used as address/data lines, so they need
> to first be configured as inputs to read valid cable detect state.
> For everything from the 370 to function 0 of the 374:
> bit 0 of register 0x5b must be cleared in order to make the
> SCBLID/MA15 and PCBLID/MA16 pins as input.
> For the 374 third/fourth channels (function 1):
> bit 15 of register 0x52 and bit 15 of register 0x56 must be
> set for TCBLID/MD6 and FCBLID/MD1 pins to be input.
> I'm not sure it will actually help with your lockups, but at least
> things will be detected right...
> -duncan

Thanks a lot that seems to fix also the lock ups :)

acording to the in 2.4 HPT do not support ATAPI devices
and not a long ago there were reports for lock-ups on promise cards
when the drive did suported only UDMA33, so i thought it might be related

i'll check later one the behaviour on "cat /pro/ide/hpt366"
(i broke my install anyway, so i'll have to reinstall, and can do some
experiments in the mean time )

copied several Gb to LV leaving on soft-raid-5 on the 4 drives,
no problems yet :-)



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