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SubjectRe: Input issues - key down with no key up
On Thu, Aug 21, 2003 at 01:03:02AM +0100, Jamie Lokier wrote:

> So the decision must be: shall we do the wrong thing for keyboards
> which report DOWN only (the key will appear stuck to some programs),
> or shall we do the wrong thing for keyboards which report DOWN, no
> repeat and then UP, by making it look like the key was released early?

There are many more problems with your synthesized events.
Look at your "repeat delay + a bit more". Can you specify how much
"a bit more" is?

In times of heavy disk activity we lose interrupts.
Indeed, if I copy a CD image or untar a kernel tree
my keyboard and mouse are dead for several seconds.

There is no guaranteed "a bit more" within which we will see a
keyboard event.

If the only events that are seen are actual events, and on rare
occasions we miss an event, that is not so bad. We just hit that
key again. But if we synthesize events, then a missed key up
causes autorepeat.

In fact I see unwanted autorepeat - maybe once a day suddenly
a single keystroke causes three to five identical characters to
appear - but I am not sure what mechanism causes this.


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