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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Re: [PATCH] scsi.h uses "u8" which isn't defined.
Jamie Lokier wrote:
> Well, I've done quite a bit of
> #ifdef __i386__
> #define __NR_futex 240
> #elif defined (__alpha__)
> #define __NR_futex 394
> #elif defined (__mips__)
> ... etc. ...
> #endif
> In order to distribute programs which compile with a distro's libc but
> will take advantage of features in later kernels when run on them.
> That's really unpleasant. So, in revenge, here's an annoying question:


> If userspace applications are ultimately compiled using Linux header
> files, indirectly included via Glibc or some other libc, and the
> kernel header files are GPL (version 2 only; not LGPL or any later
> GPL), isn't distributing those binary applications a gross violation
> of the GPL in some cases?

It's come up before, so it's not necessarily an original, annoying
question ;-)

My non-lawyer guess would be, the structures and defines are required
for Linux interoperability; that may be a factor. static inline
functions in headers, i.e. real code, is another matter too.

One way or another (direct inclusion, or via glibc-kernheaders pkg) the
headers today are GPL'd not LGPL'd... so I suppose it remains the realm
of lawyers...



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