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Subject[ANNOUNCE] FUSD v1.10 now available
We're happy to announce release 1.10 of FUSD, the Linux Framework for
User-Space Devices.

If you have a Linux 2.4 kernel running devfs, FUSD is a combination of
Linux kernel module and userspace library that lets you write
userspace programs that can act as character device drivers for files
under /dev. Your program reigsters the device with the kernel module;
then, it proxies system calls (e.g., open(), read()...) to your
program. Your userspace program can respond to these system calls as
a kernel module would. Strict error checking at the user/kernel
boundary prevents such userspace drivers from corrupting each other,
the kernel, or even the processes using the devices they manage.

v1.10 has a number of enhancements, including:
-- Now safe for SMP and preemptible kernels

-- Includes both C and Python bindings

-- /dev/fusd/status device shows a summary of devices registered and
in use

-- Updated documentation and various other bugfixes

Unfortunately, FUSD does NOT work under later 2.5 or any 2.6 kernels.
The recent changes to the devfs API break FUSD in a way that we
haven't yet looked into fixing.

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