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SubjectRe: 2.6 test3-bk7 & -mm3 : HPT374 - cable missdetection, lock-ups
Quoting Jurriaan <>:

> From: Svetoslav Slavtchev <>
> Date: Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 02:53:39PM +0200
> > Hi
> >
> > first test run of 2.6 on Epox 8k9a3+ VIA KT400 VT8235,
> > HPT374 and 4 IBM Deskstar GXP120 80Gb on each chanel as master
> > Mandrake-cooker gcc-3.3.1
> >
> > the 3rd and the 4th chanel of the HPT374 are saying that the used cable
> > is 40 wires, so it forces the drives in UDMA33 which i think causes the
> lock-
> > ups several seconds after booting in runlevel 1
> >
> As far as I know, I have no problems with my 3rd channel on my Epox
> 8K9A3+ motherboard. I've got a WD 80 Gb disk (8 Mb cache model) on it.

a WD 80Gb, as in a single hard drive on the HPT374 ?

my first 2 chanels seems to be OK (couldn't test them good)
but they survive hdparm -d1 -u1 -c1 -X69, where as the 3rd & 4th chanel
reported UDMA4/5/6 not functional (or smth similar) and the system went down

> However, I've noticed something else.
> As soon as I type
> cat /proc/ide/hpt366

there might be smth similar here, but i get the lockups even if i don't play
with /proc/ide hdparm, and 1st, 2nd chanel are running at UDMA100 3rd, 4th at

> I get hit by the dreaded 'status=0x58 .... hdi interrupt lost' thing.
> It tries to reset ide4, but keeps telling 'interrupt lost' and finally I
> have to use the reset button. If I never cat /proc/ide/hpt366 I can run
> the system for a week at a time, where hdi is part of a raid-0 partition
> that contains both /home and my newsspool - so it's used frequently.
> Kind regards,
> Jurriaan



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