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SubjectRe: 2.6.0-t3: vfs/ext3 do_lookup bug?!
Andrew Morton wrote:

> Martin Zwickel <> wrote:
>> Today I wanted to check out some src-files from cvs.
>> But my fault was, that I ran cvs twice at the same time.
>> so two "cvs upd -d -A" are now in 'D' state.
>> I think they got stuck because both tried to access the same file.
> How odd. Were they the only processes which were in D state?

They are probably hung on the same semaphore, ie "dir->i_sem". They almost
certainly are not deadlocked on each other: something else has either left
the directory semaphore locked, or is in turn waiting for something else.

Martin - do you have the _full_ list of processes available?

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