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SubjectRe: NFS regression in 2.6
>>>>> " " == Andries Brouwer <> writes:

> I don't think it will. My analysis of yesterday night was:
> - no silly rename is done
> - this is because d_count equals 1
> - this is because we have two different dentries for the same
> file
> - this is caused by the fragment

> /* If we're doing an exclusive create, optimize away
> the lookup */ if (nfs_is_exclusive_create(dir, nd))
> return NULL;

> in nfs/dir.c. Do you agree?

No... The above snippet just short-circuits the process of doing an
RPC call in order to look the file up on the *server*. Doing such a
lookup would be wrong since it can race with a file creation on
another NFS client.
IOW the result of the above 2 lines should be the immediate creation
of a negative dentry (i.e. one without an inode) that open_namei() can
pass on to vfs_create().

When we get to the unlink() call, we shouldn't be hitting nfs_lookup()
at all unless something somewhere is causing this first dentry to be
permanently dropped out of the dcache.

In short the scenario should be that

- mkstemp() does an open(O_EXCL) -> nfs_lookup() creates hashed
negative dentry -> nfs_create() then does an O_EXCL call to the
server and instantiates the dentry.

- unlink() walks the pathname -> finds the existing dentry using
cached_lookup() and only calls down to nfs_lookup_revalidate().

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