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SubjectRe: module-init-tools - input devices id support
On Saturday 02 August 2003 03:13, Rusty Russell wrote:
> In message <> you write:
> > this adds support for generating modules.inputmap with input handler
> > match table that is used by input hotplug agent posted separately. Using
> > hotplug allowed me to completely eliminate any manual (input handler)
> > module loading in 2.6, it is also compatible with 2.4 in that usb.agent
> > for 2.4 includes fake usb table that maps device class to input handlers
> > so this is mostly transparent to users.
> Hi Andrey,
> For 2.6 you should not be using the maps generated by depmod.
> You should be adding to scripts/file2alias.c, and using those aliases
> to insert modules. This is much more flexible.

well ... file2alias assumes scalar fields with "is equal" or "do not care"
values. Input handler matching requires bit (sub-)fields matching (with
longest filed being 512 bits). I od not see how it can be implemented using
standard alias syntax. This syntax fails even for some PCI entries already
(while using pcimap allows for more elaborate matching)

Can you name some current users of module.alias?

thank you

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