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SubjectMore fun with menuconfig...
So I have a .config with CONFIG_ADVANCED_PARTION not set, and 
CONFIG_MSDOS_PARTITION=y. (I.E. the default from arch/i386/defconfig.)

I fire up make menuconfig and expand the advanced partition menu (setting
CONFIG_ADVANCED_PARTITION to y). MSDOS partition support is NOT set in the
newly opened menu, I.E. opening the menu has the side effect of deselecting

If I do nothing else, and save with the menu open, it's off. (Saved as "not
set".) If I fire it up again and close the menu, CONFIG_MSDOS_PARTITION
becomes Y again.

What magic am I failing to understand here? (This sort of seems intentional,
but it would make more sense for MSDOS partition support to default to on
when you first open the menu...)

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