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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.4: export the symbol "mmu_cr4_features" for XFree86 DRM kernel drivers
Calum Mackay wrote:
> The radeon kernel driver source includes (via drm_memory.h)
> linux/vmalloc.h, iff VMAP_4_ARGS is defined. The latter includes (on
> i386) asm/asm-i386/pgtable.h, which includes asm/asm-i386/processor.h.
> processor.h defines some inline functions [set_in_cr4() &
> clear_in_cr4()] which reference mmu_cr4_features.

Sadly, this isn't the full story, since the radeon code doesn't
reference *_in_cr4.

The radeon code calls io/agp remap functions - again only ifdef
VMAP_4_ARGS - which do however call __flush_tlb_all(). This manipulates
the PGE bit via mmu_cr4_features.

apols for the spam...

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