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SubjectRe: .config in bzImage ?
El Sat, 2 Aug 2003 20:49:32 +0200 Herbert Pötzl <> escribió:

> hmm, since ages I use for 2.4.x a small patch, which
> includes the .config in the kernel image (gzipped or
> bzip2ed). this information can be retrieved from the
> procfs by zcat /proc/config.gz or bzcat /proc/config.bz2
> respectively ...

There's something in -ac tree:

x x
x This option enables the complete Linux kernel ".config" file x
x contents, information on compiler used to build the kernel, x
x kernel running when this kernel was built and kernel version x
x from Makefile to be saved in kernel. It provides documentation x
x of which kernel options are used in a running kernel or in an x
x on-disk kernel. This information can be extracted from the kernel x
x image file with the script scripts/extract-ikconfig and used as x
x input to rebuild the current kernel or to build another kernel. x
x It can also be extracted from a running kernel by reading x
x /proc/ikconfig/config and /proc/ikconfig/built_with, if enabled. x
x /proc/ikconfig/config will list the configuration that was used x
x to build the kernel and /proc/ikconfig/built_with will list x
x information on the compiler and host machine that was used to x
x build the kernel. x
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