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SubjectRE: [SOLVED] RE: 2.6.0-test3 latest bk hangs when enabling IO-APIC
tir, 19.08.2003 kl. 05.17 skrev Brown, Len:
> > So... concrete suggestions? Overall, IMO, move everything under
> > CONFIG_ACPI, or, make CONFIG_ACPI_BOOT a _peer_ option, whose
> > selection
> > or lackthereof doesn't affect CONFIG_ACPI visibility at all.
> Simply re-naming CONFIG_ACPI_HT to be CONFIG_ACPI_BOOT might help, as it
> would be more clear that it is necessary for the rest of ACPI. However,
> it may not be obvious that it provides the minimal config to enable HT.
> Re: peers
> Unfortunately ACPI doesn't work so well if CONFIG_ACPI_BOOT is left out.
> Yes, it's conceivable, but I spent several hours tinkering with it in
> search of a "noht" build option, but ditched it b/c it seemed like a
> build option very few would use.
> Re: CONFIG_ACPI is the the master switch, and all other ACPI options
> subservient...
> If implemented literally, this is sort of a pain, as CONFIG_ACPI appears
> all over the code. However, a dummy config master ACPI config option
> could be used to enable the menu that contains all the rest of ACPI...

Btw, (a little off-topic) should I file a bug-report that my motherboard
doesn't boot without acpi (never has, not even with 2.4), or should I
just smile and be happy because acpi works like a charm? (I already do
that :)



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