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SubjectRe: Input issues - key down with no key up
On Monday August 18, wrote:
> How about this patch? It tries to be a bit clever, but hopefully not too
> much ...

Uhmm.. mixed.

It behaved REALLY strangly until I fixed these typoes:

> + mod_timer(&atkbd->timer,
> + (test_bit(atkbd->keycode[code], &atkbd->dev.key)
> + ? HZ/30 : HZ/4) + HZ/100);

should be

> + mod_timer(&atkbd->timer, jiffies +
> + (test_bit(atkbd->keycode[code], atkbd->dev.key)
> + ? HZ/30 : HZ/4) + HZ/100);

Then it sort-of worked - my problem keys gave nice up/down

However the hardware autorepeat and the software autorepeat seemed to
interfere with each other and auto-repeat was rather erratic.

More of a problem was that control and shift would auto-repeat, and
would often appear to be "up" when I was holding them "down", so
control-X keys strokes were not reliable.

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