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SubjectRe: Centrino support
>>>>> "Brandon" == Brandon Stewart <> writes:
>>>>> "Helge" == Helge Hafting <> writes:

Brandon> I thought that this line of argument was due to FCC
Brandon> regulations. That is, software settings would allow the
Brandon> hardware to violate frequency or strength-of-signal
Brandon> limitations set by government regulations. This is only
Brandon> from memory, so feel free to correct.

Helge> This does not in any way prevent them from releasing a driver,
Helge> open or closed source. It merely makes tampering with the
Helge> driver illegal.

Unless of course it can be programmed to listen in on the AMPS cell
phone band(s). In that case it could arguably be a felony for them to
release the programming info.... (Stupid law, but it has been
enforced rather obsessively....)


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