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SubjectRe: redhat 2.4.20 kernel 3.5G patch, bug report on my previous 2.4.18 kernel 3.5G patch
On Tue, 2003-08-19 at 10:55, Chuck Luciano wrote:
> Again, I've been kinda lazy about adding the configuration stuff,
> but, this patch applied to kernel-2.4.20-18.7.src.rpm will give
> you a kernel where PAGE_OFFSET can be set with 2 MB granularity
> instead of 1GB.

This sounds familar from somewhere. A little attribution to the source
of the code would be nice. :)

> BTW, there is a defect in the 2.4.18 version of this patch in the
> function get_pgd_slow which doesn't handle the partial PGD
> properly. In 2.4.20 the fix for this problem is in the function
> pgd_alloc. I will probably not have time to back port this fix to
> 2.4.18.

Actually, I would just do what we did in 2.5 and throw away *_pgd_fast()
functions and just use a slab constructor and destructor to handle it
for you.

> Anyway, for your fun and amusement, the 2.4.20 patch is working
> and ready for use. I haven't tried seeing just how far I can push
> PAGE_OFFSET yet, but I'd like to see how close I can get to
> 0xf0000000 and maybe beyond.

I know I've done at least 0xf8000000 on 2.5.

Dave Hansen

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