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    SubjectRe: TOPDIR kernel variable
    Daniel Pezoa wrote:
    > Hello Kernel Community !! :-)
    > I'am compiling lirc software, the kernel source is
    > needed to make them, but when i attemt to make them it
    > fail because the environment variable TOPDIR is not
    > set, looking for the origin of the problem, the script
    > that fail is "", one tiny script of the
    > kernel, it fails when is trying to assign
    > TP=${TOPDIR:). Reading more i found in the Kernel
    > Makefile the line
    > TOPDIR := $(shell /bin/pwd)
    > that command should solve my problem but if i launch
    > them in the console, it give me the following errors
    > in the screen ouput:
    > bash: shell: command not found
    > bash: TOPDIR:=: command not found

    Commands in a Makefile are for make, not commands that bash (your shell)
    will understand. (If I understand what you said above, that is.)

    > What is the intention of the environment variable
    > TOPDIR and how can i give them a valid value?

    If that is in the Makefile, try
    make TOPDIR=...


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