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SubjectRE: [2.4 PATCH] bugfix: ARP respond on all devices
David S. Miller wrote:
> > Which nicely sums up the bug, really.
> Ok, then how would you propose to be able to send
> packets out an interface _before_ we have addresses
> assigned to it?
IP packets you mean? You don't? ;) It would depend on why you're
doing it naturally. Mostly, I'd have thought that if a host doesn't have an
IP number it doesn't get to use ARP.

> Linux allows that, and in fact it's a useful feature.
> Consider MSG_DONTROUTE as well.
Irrelevant, ARP should stick to resolving Layer 2 issues, not be
misused as some Layer 3 routeing protocol.

> BTW, this ARP source address algorithm we use comes from
> ipv6, it would be instructive to go and see why they do
> things the way they do.
If you'd like to give me a reference, I'd be happy to look at the
spec. It doesn't matter where you got the concept from, though - it's

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