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SubjectRe: weird pcmcia problem
On Tue, Aug 19, 2003 at 02:16:23PM -0400, wrote:
> On Tue, 19 Aug 2003 00:47:00 EDT, said:
> > On Mon, 18 Aug 2003 19:34:59 CDT, Narayan Desai <> said:
> > > Running 2.6.0-test3 (both with and without your recent yenta socket
> > > patches) pcmcia cards present during boot don't show up until they are
> > > removed and reinserted. Once reinserted, they work fine. This only
> > Same issue on 2.6.0-test3-mm2 on a Dell Latitude C840 with a TrueMobile 1150
> > wireless (uses orinoco_cs driver) - card is recognized at boot, and somewhat
> > configured:
> Went to 2.6.0-test3-mm3, and the problem is resolved on my laptop. Not sure if
> Narayan's machine is using a different "recent Yenta socket patches" than
> what's in -mm3, or if there's something ELSE that made the difference.

That wasn't expected.

Can you provide all the following information please:

- make/model of machine
- type of cardbus bridge (from lspci)
- type of card (pcmcia or cardbus)
- make/model of card
- full kernel dmesg (including yenta, card services messages)
- cardmgr messages from system log


Russell King ( The developer of ARM Linux

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