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SubjectBugs sitting in the NEW state for more than 28 days
There are 160 bugs sitting in the NEW state for more than 28 days
that don't appear to have any activity. 52 of these bugs are owned
by bugme-janitors which are good candidates for anyone to work on.
Please check the bugs before working on them to see if they are
still available.

Kernel Bug Tracker:

43 Drivers Network
e100 drivers crashes on non cache-coherent platforms

49 Drivers Console/
register_console() called in illegal context

72 Drivers Console/
Framebuffer scrolls at the wrong times/places

122 Platform i386
emu10k1 OSS troubles

143 IO/Stora IDE
unable to read cd audio from atapi cdrom/cdrw/dvd device, possibly

155 Drivers Serial
compile failure on drivers/char/specialix.c

160 Networki Other
With 2 different nic on one system, dhcp configuration fails

189 Other Other
sscanf in lib/vsprintf.c ignores field width for numeric formats

191 Platform i386
Panic on shutdown

215 Drivers SCSI
compile failure in drivers/scsi/pci2000.c

216 Drivers SCSI
compile failure in drivers/scsi/pci2220i.c

236 Drivers Video(Ot
media/video/bt856.c bounds error from Andy Chou <>

237 Drivers Video(Ot
media/video/c-qcam.c buffer out of bounds from Andy Chou

238 Drivers Video(Ot
media/video/saa7134/saa7134-tvaudio.c buffer out of bounds. From Andy Chou

239 Drivers Video(Ot
media/video/tvaudio.c buffer out of bounds from Andy Chou

243 Drivers SCSI
possiblecpqfcTSworker.c out of bounds bug from Andy Chou

244 Drivers SCSI
Possible uninitialised ptr scsi bug from Andy Chou <>

246 Drivers SCSI
Possible missing assert in sym_malloc.c from

248 Drivers Video(Ot
Possible bug in sstfb.c from Stanford Checker

252 Drivers Sound
Possible out of bounds bug in sb_mixer.c from Stanford Checker

253 Drivers Sound
another possible out of bounds error in sb_mixer.c from Stanford Checker

254 Drivers Sound
One more possible out of bounds error in sb_mixer.c from Stanford Checker

263 Drivers Console/
neofb null pointer dereference

294 File Sys devfs
devfs_dealloc_unique_number() when not initialized

297 Platform i386
Booting kernel 2.5.57 and higher ends with failure

301 IO/Stora Block La

320 Drivers Other
double logical operator drivers/char/ip2/i2lib.c

332 Other Other
/etc/fstab LABEL for root partition not working

346 Drivers SCSI
compile failure in drivers/scsi/cpqfcTSinit.c

361 Drivers Sound
system hangs until keyrpress

368 Drivers Console/
Permedia 3 driver broken

379 Drivers Sound
VIA 8235 rear channel playback on front channels?

396 IO/Stora Other
The kernel keeps trying to read a bad floppy disk sector a infinite
number of

400 Other Other
Highpoint 370 triggers sleeping from illegal context debug code.

417 File Sys ext3
htree much slower than regular ext3

441 Drivers Console/
Badness in Riva framebuffer

446 Alternat ac
IDE ZIP does not work on 2.4.21-pre5-ac1&2/ac test tree

450 Networki Other
PPP (PPPoE) causes OOPS on interface initialization, 2.5.64

452 File Sys XFS
Null pointer dereference in iget_locked

456 Networki IPV4
Apache test framework causes kernel panic in tcp_v4_get_port

465 IO/Stora Other
2.5.65: devfs OOPS in delete_partition() w/ usb_storage: devfs_put()

477 Networki Other
mii-tool and ethtool require root to query

481 Drivers USB
Annoying full pathname prefixes before messages during boot.

487 Drivers Other
hisax.ko needs unknown symbol ^M

490 Drivers Input De
psmouse.c fails detecting Microsoft PS/2 wheel mice

496 IO/Stora IDE
No ataraid support in 2.5.65?

504 Drivers Console/
Framebuffer Console corrupted

513 Drivers USB
Wacom driver doesn't work...

521 IO/Stora IDE
cdrecord fails to see drive caps consistently when using ide-cd

537 Drivers Sound
Alsa EMU10K1 Audigy

544 Process Other
bad: scheduling while atomic! warning on modprobe airo_cs

556 IO/Stora IDE
dma not enabled for IDE hard drives

560 Drivers Input De
Wacom driver isn't working

568 Drivers ISDN
compile failure in drivers/isdn/hisax/diva.c

569 Drivers ISDN
compile failure in drivers/isdn/hisax/sedlbauer.c

576 IO/Stora IDE
IDE module loop

579 Drivers ISDN
isdn.ko needs unknown symbol group_send_sig_info

580 Memory M Other
freeze after ~12 hours of operation, kswapd OOPS in logs

588 IO/Stora IDE
2.5.67 won't get the real partition table for hdb

595 Alternat ac
ide-cd stops recognizing cd-rw, starting with 2.5.67-ac1.

609 Drivers Input De
Compilation error for adbhid.c [ppc]

611 Drivers Sound
keywest driver fails to compile due to i2c interface changes

612 IO/Stora SCSI
aic7xxx driver hang

616 Drivers PCMCIA
PCMCIA cards in cardbus sockets no longer suspended

627 IO/Stora DIO
[perf][rawiobench] serveraid adapter 2x slower on 2.5

628 Alternat mjb
Need configurable TASK_UNMAPPED_BASE per process

629 Alternat mjb
Configuring PAGE_OFFSET

643 Drivers Console/
Problems when using both fbcon and vgacon

650 Drivers Other
driver model needs easy way to create subdirs

655 Networki IPV6
Infrequent lockups on inbound connections

657 Networki Other
The HTB utility is not working properly using 2.5.73 kernel

664 Drivers Network
bcm4400 won't transmit

669 Drivers Input De
Alt+SysRq+T doesn't work on Compaq Armada 1592DT

674 Drivers Input De
scancode 0x13 rejected

677 Platform i386
failure to boot 2.5.68 and higher

681 Platform x86-64
32bit programs don't dump the SSE2 registers when coredumping on x86-64

682 Platform x86-64
NMI watchdog appears to run too often on x86-64

685 Platform x86-64
need to core dump 64bit vsyscall code

686 Platform x86-64
need dwarf2 description of assembly function/irqstacks

694 File Sys Other
autofs_wqt_t changed size halfway a stable kernel series. ABI BREAK!!!

698 Drivers Video(Ot
hang after memory resources listed on fujitsu C-series lifebook

704 Drivers Input De
need hotplug support on /dev/input/mouseN

705 Drivers Input De
using xmodmap to reverse mouse buttons, causes button 3 to behave as
though 1 &

706 Drivers Input De
ps/2 keyboard detection in infinite loop

717 Drivers Input De
Laptop keyboard doesn't work

721 File Sys NFS
[perf] [SPECsfs97] SPECsfs97 fails to run on EXT3 fs on 2.5.68

728 Drivers Console/
rivafb problem

729 Platform Alpha
Alpha kernel sound/core compile fails

731 IO/Stora IDE
Errors message and paused system with IDE ZIP

733 Drivers Network
vortex_timer caused "IRQ # nobody cared" msg

738 Alternat mm
kernel BUG at fs/jbd/transaction.c:2023!

739 Alternat mm
Null pointer dereference in ext3_test_allocatable

740 Other Other
initramfs fails to unpack certain cpio archives

741 Drivers Console/
[2.5.69-bk14] Unable to handle kernel null pointer

742 Drivers Sound
Maestro3/Allegro-1 Soundcard has poor sound quality

743 Drivers Sound
Maestro3/Allegro-1 Soundcard has no midi support

745 Drivers Sound
Maestro3/Allegro-1 Soundcard has no s/pdif support

746 Networki IPV6
IPv6 route disappears, unable to re-add routing entries

762 Drivers Sound
cs4232, cs4236 module loading problem

763 Memory M Other
machine hang, log file indicates "Slab corruption"

768 IO/Stora IDE
IDE modules issue when all IDE is module

769 Process Other
Kernel locks up when heavily using pthread keys (NPTL)

782 Other Other
random repeating of keys

787 Drivers SCSI
Errors with feral driver

788 File Sys ext3
Security!->Chmod changes two files instead of one on ext3fs !

789 File Sys ext3
Security!->Chmod changes two files instead of one on ext3fs !

790 Platform i386
SDET hangs

793 Alternat mm
Thinkpad T30, new BIOS, and ACPI

795 Drivers Input De
hiddev is loosing events (getting 0x0 events instead of the real ones)

797 Drivers Network
error during shutdown "eth1: error -110 writing Tx descriptor to BAP"

800 Process Schedule
2.5.70-bk15 - flood of "scheduling while atomic!" and panic on boot

804 Drivers Input De
mouse cursor jumps

806 Drivers Sound
Full-duplex mode on nForce motherboards

808 Networki Other
register_cpu_notifier in flow.c causes fatal error during make

811 Drivers Input De
Mouse pointer displacement

814 Platform i386
nForce2 intergrated GF4 is not detected by vesafb

816 IO/Stora IDE
few warnings during compiling 2.5.72

821 Drivers SCSI
drivers/scsi/g_NCR5380{,mmio}.o: multiple definition of

825 Power Ma Other
reboot notifiers run after power off

826 Drivers Network
ibmtr_cs does not compile

829 Drivers SCSI
Problem with ide-scsi

835 File Sys XFS
defragmentation (apparently xfs_swapext()) fills files with 0s

840 File Sys XFS
mounting xfs partition causes Call Trace

849 File Sys ext3
[perf][tiobench] tiobench sequential write degrades in 2.5.72-bk2

856 Alternat mm
File Sysyem based AIO hangs on 2.5.73-mm1

859 Other Other
make rpm overwrite previously written .config file

861 File Sys XFS
XFS won't mount on a >2T LVM/DM volume

862 Memory M Slab All
[x86_64] Reproducible crash in {memset+164}

869 Alternat mm
System hangs in IO schedule

870 File Sys XFS
kernel BUG at fs/xfs/support/debug.c:106!

871 File Sys NFS
locking over NFS to CFS causes oops in other processes

875 Drivers Video(Ot
pm3fb does not compile

876 Drivers Console/
cirrusfb does not compile

879 Drivers Console/
radeon fbdev oopses when watching a picture on the console with fbi

880 Drivers Other
ftape driver failed to build

882 Power Ma APM
R31 loops under suspend mode (hard disk password mode)

885 Drivers Console/
neofb has issue with scrollback

886 File Sys Other
On mipsel linker says, .o file build with wrong byte order.

892 Alternat mm
kernel BUG at include/linux/list.h:148!

899 Drivers Other
Module make problem

901 Memory M Other
sleeping function called from illegal context at include/linux/rwsem.h:43

906 Drivers Network
Unresolved symbols in orinoco.ko and orinoco_cs.ko

909 Drivers Video(Ot
Unresolved symbols in .../video/console/fbcon.ko

913 Drivers USB
Segmentation fault when unmounting a smartmedia reader

914 IO/Stora IDE
"bad: scheduling while atomic!" flood after IDE error

916 Drivers USB
Logitech USB mouse invalid configuration

918 Drivers Network
Warnings during loading tulip driver module

931 File Sys Other
acorn.c compile error #ifdef CONFIG_ACORN_PARTITION_EESOX

932 Drivers Sound
[OSS] loading cs4232 yields "kobject_register failed"

935 IO/Stora IDE
Intel ICH5 S-ATA problem

941 IO/Stora IDE
Kernel hangs on boot with HP CDWriter 9300i

943 IO/Stora SCSI
Request for Scsi_Host configurable CMD TimeOut per HBA

945 IO/Stora IDE
System hang when mount a zip disk.

950 Other Other
The booting screen

957 Drivers ISDN
Isdn system not working at all in 2.5/2.6

958 File Sys Other
file name error in vfat

962 Drivers PCMCIA
PCMCIA Hardware Lockups on ThinkPad

966 Platform PPC-32
kernel/profile.c fails to compile

967 IO/Stora IDE
Onstream DI-30 fails to respond

974 IO/Stora SCSI
once scsi cdrom drive in vcd mode, it doesn't get reset in normal data mode

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