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SubjectBugs sitting in the RESOLVED state for more than 28 days
These bugs have been sitting in RESOLVED state for more than 28 days,
ie, they have fixes, but aren't back in the mainline tree (when they
should move to CLOSED state). If the fixes are back in mainline
already, could the owner close them out? Otherwise, perhaps we
can get those fixes back in?

Kernel Bug Tracker:

24 File Sys NFS
statfs returns incorrect number fo blocks

85 Drivers Network
ham radio stuff still using cli etc

150 Drivers PNP
[PNP][2.5] IDE Detection problems (wrong IRQ and wrong IDE device number)

206 Drivers Console/
broken colors on framebuffer console

257 Drivers Network
Broadcom b44 driver won't work

367 Platform Alpha
modules fail to resolve illegal Unhandled relocation of type 10 for .text

372 Platform UML
uml doesn't not compile

493 Drivers USB
Support for Sony DSC-P72 not available

590 File Sys VFS
Cannot boot: get VFS cannot mount root on XFS and EXT2 partitions

719 Process Schedule
[perf][kernbench] lower performance with HT enabled on low loads

737 Platform SPARC64
compiler version requirements mismatch/uncertainty for sparc

796 File Sys JFS
Kernel Oops with nfsd.

807 Drivers PCMCIA
gprs pcmcia card not works in linux

817 Drivers Network
Receiving "Bus master arbitration failure, status ffff" error

820 Drivers Sound
ALSA emu10k doesn't load in 2.5.7[12]

907 File Sys NFS
Kernel oops with nfs3svc_decode_symlinkargs

911 Drivers PCI
[x86_64] Badness in pci_find_subsys at drivers/pci/search.c:132

915 Drivers USB
Slab corruption

927 Drivers Video(AG
nvidia_agp module has unresolved symbols (includes fix)

954 Platform PPC-32
link failure for arch/ppc/mm/built-in.o, function mem_pieces_find

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