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SubjectRe: cache limit

>>another program needs more memory, so it shouldn't swap, but that is not
>>behaviour I am seeing.
>>Can anyone help point me in the right direction?
>I'd say stop allocating insane amounts of swap.
>Frankly, with 2G you may run without swap at all.
I'm not sure how you knew I had 2GB of swap. ;)
I just always thought it was a good idea to have some just in case.
I did not know having swap would actually, in some cases, degrade

Are you saying that, if I turn off swap, the amount of cache used will
be the same, but that when other programs need more memory, the kernel
will take it from cache? If so, I will try, since that would be
an ideal solution.

And while O_STREAMING sounds good, I'm not really up for rewriting
all the rsync-like apps. I want my OS to deal with it.


-- tony
"Surrender to the Void." -- John Lennon

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