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SubjectRe: Very bad interactivity with 2.6.0 and SCSI disks (aic7xxx)
Stefan Foerster <> wrote:
> * Andrew Morton <> wrote:
> > Stefan Foerster <> wrote:
> > A kernel profile would be needed to diagnose this. You could use
> > readprofile, but as it may be an interrupt problem, the NMI-based oprofile
> > output would be better.
> Is this procedure documented anywhere?

Documentation/basic_profiling.txt and

oprofile is hard to get going and they seem to keep on changing things.

A quick primer would be:

- download the userspace tools, carefully read the INSTALL and README

- You need to do ./configure --with-kernel-support (something like that).

- build and install.

From my notes, for a P4:

opcontrol --setup --vmlinux=/boot/vmlinux --ctr0-count=600000 --ctr0-unit-mask=1 --ctr0-event=GLOBAL_POWER_EVENTS

For a PIII:

opcontrol --setup --vmlinux=/boot/vmlinux --ctr0-count=600000 --ctr0-event=CPU_CLK_UNHALTED


opcontrol --shutdown
rm -rf /var/lib/oprofile
opcontrol --start-daemon
opcontrol --start
<run test>
opcontrol --stop

oprofpp -l /boot/vmlinux
oprofpp -Lo /boot/vmlinux > /tmp/1

I use this script.

sudo opcontrol --stop
sudo opcontrol --shutdown
sudo rm -rf /var/lib/oprofile
sudo opcontrol --start-daemon
sudo opcontrol --start
time $@
sudo opcontrol --stop
sudo opcontrol --shutdown

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