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SubjectRe: Trying to run 2.6.0-test3
"Alan Cox" <> replied to me.

> > accept a USB keyboard but they refused. The patch which I sent to Vojtech
> > Pavlik was ignored and these two keys continued not to work (except on my
> > machine). Finally Mike Fabian accepted a gift of a USB keyboard and this
> > defect in Linux got fixed. But only for somewhere around the last half of
> > the 2.4 releases, not for 2.6.
> > What will it take this time?
> Posting the patch with any luck ?

Hirofumi Ogawa posted a patch for the yen-sign pipe key on 2003.07.23 for
test1 but his patch still didn't get into test3. On a PS/2 keyboard that
seems to be the only key with any problem.

Yesterday when I finally tried a USB keyboard and found that the backslash
underbar has the same problem, maybe I was the first person to even try a
Japanese USB keyboard in 2.6, and maybe no one at all tried some number of
2.5 series kernels. As mentioned, usually I can only spend one day a week
testing 2.6. I'll try to spend one day next weekend trying to figure out
the new necessary patch. If I succeed, but if it gets ignored again, I'll
probably rejoin the set of users who never have time to test.

I really do think that if Andries Brouwer or Vojtech Pavlik would accept a
gift of a USB keyboard then this kind of bug would be avoided a lot earlier.

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