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SubjectRe: [PATCH] O16int for interactivity
* Con Kolivas <> [15-08-2003 22:21]:
> Those who experienced starvation could you please test this patch.

O16.1int on top of 2.6.0-test3-mm1 is an improvement over O15int but
it still has some issues. Sound skips and general unresponsiveness
occur under relatively light load. For example, scrolling a PDF in
acrobat sometimes results in 2-3 second skips in sound. Also, the PDF
continues to scroll long after I have left the scroll button. While
scrolling, if I try to switch to Firebird or some other relatively
heavy app, there is a noticeable delay before it comes up. Sometimes
even an xterm running mutt takes a second to show while a PDF is

I was doing a `make htmldocs` while scrolling the pdf. That is all. In
O15int, the same behaviour would occur even if there was _nothing_
else running (except the browser window and xmms ofcourse). That is
the only improvement I have noticed.

I am attaching some numbers that were requested (vmstat, top and
readprofile outputs). These are generated from a script that was
posted here a few days ago. I am attaching the script so it is clear
what was done.

While this script was running, I was basically scrolling a PDF and one
long skip in sound was heard while doing so. I also kept switching
between application windows.

Hope this helps.


- Apurva

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