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SubjectRE: [SOLVED] RE: 2.6.0-test3 latest bk hangs when enabling IO-APIC
> So... concrete suggestions?  Overall, IMO, move everything under 
> CONFIG_ACPI, or, make CONFIG_ACPI_BOOT a _peer_ option, whose
> selection
> or lackthereof doesn't affect CONFIG_ACPI visibility at all.

Simply re-naming CONFIG_ACPI_HT to be CONFIG_ACPI_BOOT might help, as it
would be more clear that it is necessary for the rest of ACPI. However,
it may not be obvious that it provides the minimal config to enable HT.

Re: peers
Unfortunately ACPI doesn't work so well if CONFIG_ACPI_BOOT is left out.
Yes, it's conceivable, but I spent several hours tinkering with it in
search of a "noht" build option, but ditched it b/c it seemed like a
build option very few would use.

Re: CONFIG_ACPI is the the master switch, and all other ACPI options
If implemented literally, this is sort of a pain, as CONFIG_ACPI appears
all over the code. However, a dummy config master ACPI config option
could be used to enable the menu that contains all the rest of ACPI...

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