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SubjectRe: [OT] 'the the' in mails ...
On Tue, Aug 19, 2003 at 03:24:11AM +0200, Herbert P?tzl wrote:
> Please, could one of the native english
> speaker enlighten me about 'the the' ...
> I know this is absolutely off topic, but
> about 30 threads, in the last two months,
> on lkml contain this strange construct,
> and I'm worried that I miss something very
> important ...
> or is this just such a common typo? if so
> please tell me, and I will simply ignore it
> from now on ...

It's a moderately common typo, particularly common at end of line wraps.
It turns up quite often for reasons I can't explain.
There's likely some deep seated psychological reason
why people selectively blank one of the "the"'s out.


Dave Jones
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