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SubjectRe: [SOLVED] RE: 2.6.0-test3 latest bk hangs when enabling IO-APIC
Brown, Len wrote:
> implementation. Unless I screwed up the config dependencies, it should
> be impossible to enable the full CONFIG_ACPI without including

You got it right...

...unfortunately the current options are very non-obvious. Linux kernel
config has always presented a "subsystem switch", and under that, you
have a bunch of options and modules and such. It is not obvious to me
at all that _disabling_ CONFIG_ACPI_HT means that CONFIG_ACPI will
simply never appear. And users who want ACPI, but don't have
HyperThreading, would probably think similarly. I think the current
thread shows it generates at least a little bit of confusion, too.

To me, it makes sense for CONFIG_ACPI_HT to require CONFIG_ACPI -- from
a Kconfig standpoint -- but not the other way around. My first time
configuring with the new options, I wanted to turn off CONFIG_ACPI_HT
and turn on CONFIG_ACPI, but was frustrated when the config system
wouldn't allow it.

I actually think the old method was a bit less confusing --
CONFIG_ACPI=N would never prompt me for any other ACPI config option.
But if I wanted only the HT stuff, you had CONFIG_ACPI_HT_ONLY :)

So... concrete suggestions? Overall, IMO, move everything under
CONFIG_ACPI, or, make CONFIG_ACPI_BOOT a _peer_ option, whose selection
or lackthereof doesn't affect CONFIG_ACPI visibility at all.


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