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SubjectRe: headers
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> From Mon Aug 18 20:14:47 2003
> I support include/abi, or some other directory that segregates
> user<->kernel shared headers away from kernel-private headers.
> I don't see how that would be auto-generated, though. Only created
> through lots of hard work :)
> Yes, unfortunately. I started doing some of this a few times,
> but it is an order of magnitude more work than one thinks at first.
> Already the number of include files is very large.
> And the fact that it is not just include/abi but involves the architecture
> doesn't make life simpler.
> No doubt we must first discuss a little bit, but not too much,
> the desired directory structure and naming.
> Then we must do 5% of the work, and come back to these issues.
> In case people actually want to do this, I can coordinate.
> In case people want to try just one file, do signal.h.

Oh yes, this is a whole lot of work.

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