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    SubjectRe: [SOLVED] RE: 2.6.0-test3 latest bk hangs when enabling IO-APIC
    tir, 19.08.2003 kl. 01.06 skrev Stian Jordet:
    > man, 18.08.2003 kl. 22.06 skrev Stian Jordet:
    > > man, 18.08.2003 kl. 21.23 skrev Stian Jordet:
    > > > man, 18.08.2003 kl. 19.53 skrev Brown, Len:
    > > > > Try booting with pci=noacpi, and if that doesn't work acpi=off
    > > > > If either of those work, then file in bugzilla with component=ACPI and
    > > > > assign it to
    > > >
    > > > It works when booting with noapic, but not with acpi=off nor pci=noapic.
    > > > Does that mean I can't blame you for it?
    > >
    > > Just to confuse myself (and whoever reading my mails). When I disabled
    > > the second onboard ide-port, the kernel booted, but usb didn't work.
    > > Absolutely no problem what so ever with -test3.
    > I had to enable CONFIG_ACPI_HT=y. But you must have screwed something
    > up, since my P3's really, really don't have any Hyper Threading :) ACPI
    > was already enabled, and from the help texts, there shouldn't be any
    > difference with ACPI_HT then. Nevermind, I'm happy :)

    Sorry for spamming, but when I think of it, I don't think acpi is
    enabled at all without the CONFIG_ACPI_HT. Because my computer actually
    uses to hang when enabling io-apic without acpi support enabled (in
    other words, my pc is useless without acpi enabled).

    Once again, sorry for flooding.

    Best regards,

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