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SubjectRe: Compiling cardbus devices monolithic doesn't work?
Ahem, second attempt:

On Monday 18 August 2003 03:44, Russell King wrote:

> You still need to use cardmgr to bind the driver to the device.
> It seems to work for me here on SA11x0 platforms, and I'm not aware
> of it breaking at any point in the 2.5 series.
> While it is true that Cardbus devices plugged into cardbus slots do
> not need cardmgr, PCMCIA devices still do.

The hotplug scripts from RH9 are there and seem happy, I thought cardmgr was
called from them. (The same setup works in 2.4.21, albeit with modules
enabled. I should compile a monolithic 2.4 kernel and see what it does...)

> > (P.S. And while I'm at it, what's the relationship between orinoco_cs,
> > orinoco, and hermes? The /proc/modules dependency tree thing says
> > they're using each other in a chain. Probably true, just a bit odd, I
> > thought. Couldn't figure out which driver I needed, compiled all three,
> > and it loaded ALL of them. Can't complain, the card works under 2.4.
> > This is just a random "huh?")
> IIRC hermes provides the low level interface to the device, orinoco
> provides the interface between it and the network stack, and orinoco_cs
> provides a bridge between the PCMCIA subsystem and orinoco.

Now I'm confused. I thought the _cs on the end was short for "cardbus"...

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