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    From  Mon Aug 18 20:14:47 2003

I support include/abi, or some other directory that segregates
user<->kernel shared headers away from kernel-private headers.

I don't see how that would be auto-generated, though. Only created
through lots of hard work :)

Yes, unfortunately. I started doing some of this a few times,
but it is an order of magnitude more work than one thinks at first.
Already the number of include files is very large.
And the fact that it is not just include/abi but involves the architecture
doesn't make life simpler.

No doubt we must first discuss a little bit, but not too much,
the desired directory structure and naming.
Then we must do 5% of the work, and come back to these issues.

In case people actually want to do this, I can coordinate.

In case people want to try just one file, do signal.h.


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