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SubjectRe: Fix up riscom8 driver to use work queues instead of task queueing.

On Mon, 18 Aug 2003, Russell King wrote:
> Of course, the more correct approach is for someone to convert them to
> use the new serial driver core (and fix the driver core interface to
> allow them to work with it.)

Hey, I'm all for that for 2.7.x. In the meantime, they've been broken for
a year, so let's just try to fix them up into a "limping along" state.

I don't have the hardware either, but at least now they should be testable
on UP configurations (SMP is generally still broken due to the drivers
expecting to be able to disable all interrups globally instead of using
proper locking).

I'd be interested to hear whether the dang things work. Of course, there
probably aren't that many people around with the hardware any more. I
could just have added them to the BROKEN list, but since they _might_ work
it seemed like a better idea to be hugely optimistic instead ;)


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