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SubjectRe: Does sysfs really provides persistent hardware path to devices?
On Monday 28 July 2003 21:03, Greg KH wrote:
> > Question: how to configure udev so that "database" always refers to LUN 0
> > on target 0 on bus 0 on HBA in PCI slot 1.
> If you can't rely on scsi position, then you need to look for something
> that uniquely describes the device. Like a filesystem label, or a uuid
> on the device. udev can handle this (well I'm still working on the
> filesystem label, but others have already done the hard work for that to
> be intregrated easily.)

I tried to explain that I can rely on SCSI position but kernel does not give
me this SCSI position. Apparently we have some communication problem. You do
not understand my question and I do not understand what you do not understand
:) I attribute it to my bad English.

Let's avoid this communication problem. You show me namedev.config line that
implements the above. If it really does it - it is likely I understand what
you mean better and won't bother you with stupid questions anymore. If it
does not do it - I can immediately point out where it fails.


thank you

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