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SubjectRe: [2.4 PATCH] bugfix: ARP respond on all devices
On 17/08/2003 at 16:28 Alan Cox wrote:

>Linux doesn't issue "bad" requests. Linux will reply when it is
>asked for an address that it owns, as per RFC826, unless you chose
>to change the behaviour with things like arpfilter.

We are not talking about ARP Replies, we are talking about ARP
You can see the Richard post here, same issue I reported several weeks

On eth0, we see:

11:23:55.650514 0:4:75:ca:c4:ef Broadcast arp 42: arp who-has

Linux is sending an ARP Request to a LAN where the source IP address of
the packet has not any sense in that IP network.
And, at least, 2 RFCs are stating that other devices should not reply
to this packet. Currently know Cisco, Foundry; possibly others, and
possibly others coming as ARP storms are not desired.

Carlos Velasco

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