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SubjectRe: Dumb question: Why are exceptions such as SIGSEGV not logged
Alan Cox wrote:
>> I do not see how it relates to abends.
>> It logs _everything_, what is not that useful. Having some kind of
>>filter what to log - whould be just great. Or alternatively ability to
>>pass file descriptor - not file name.
> It generates a small record for each exit, its trivial to parse the exit
> codes for exits caused by an exception.

Silly question. Related.
Is it possible to make kernel to print oops when SIGSEGV/SIGILL is
registered, but execution was in kernel space?
I'm not sure about current status - but this /feature/ was advertised
for Linux kernels: when we have a crash in kernel space e.g. in sytem
call that calling user space application which will crash. And no notice
about the fact, that it was actually crash inside of Linux kernel.
Am I right or am I wrong?

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