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SubjectRe: [2.4 PATCH] bugfix: ARP respond on all devices

According to RFC 1027:

2.4 Sanity checks
If the IP networks of the source and target hosts of an ARP request
are different, an ARP subnet gateway implementation should not
reply. This is to prevent the ARP subnet gateway from being used
reach foreign IP networks and thus possibly bypass security checks
provided by IP gateways.

According to RFC 985:

A.3. ARP datagram

An ARP reply is discarded if the destination IP address does not
match the local host address. An ARP request is discarded if the
source IP address is not in the same subnet. It is desirable
this test be overridden by a configuration parameter, in order to
support the infrequent cases where more than one subnet may
coexist on the same cable (see RFC-925 for examples). An ARP
reply is generated only if the destination protocol IP address is
reachable from the local host (as determined by the routing
algorithm) and the next hop is not via the same interface. If
local host functions as a gateway, this may result in ARP replies
for destinations not in the same subnet.

Linux is doing the things _WRONG_ and on its own way without any switch
to change its behaviour.

Carlos Velasco

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