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SubjectAn idea for a new sysctl (only partly tongue in cheek)
I have an idea - it's just a stupid little idea, so don't bother telling me 
that. I won't mention it further, but I just couldn't resist. It's only
partly tongue in cheek, as I think it may even work. I'm not a subscriber
and haven't read the list lately, so I apologize if I'm fanning the flames of
any flamewar.

Add a sysctl to the linux kernel - /proc/sys/kernel/not-a-sco-distribution.
Then it becomes an effective access control under the DMCA. The kernel
refuses to boot if any of the kernel developers decide not to license their
code to SCO under the GPL, or hangs if it's set after booting.

If sco lies and clears it when it's to be set, then they are circumventing an
access control, and liable for damages and criminal penalties under the dmca.
Possibly. I'm not a lawyer. But hey, if it works for the DVDCCA and other
acronym organizations, why shouldn't it work for us, the legitimate copyright
holders of the linux kernel?


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