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SubjectRe: [RFC] ioctl vs xattr for the filesystem specific attributes
On Sun, Aug 17, 2003 at 07:14:28PM +0100, Rob North wrote:
> OGAWA Hirofumi wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >Bastien Roucaries <> writes:
> >
> >
> >>This patch implement an "extended attributes" (XATTR) hook in aim to read
> >>or
> >>modify specific fatfs flags' like ARCHIVE or SYSTEM.
> >>
> >>I believe it's a good idea because :
> >> - PAX ( GNU replacement of tar) save and restore XATTRs, so you can
> >> make more
> >>exact save of FATfs without use of specific programs.
> >> - It's an elegant means to avoid use of mattrib.
> >> - Samba can use this .
> >>but CONS :
> >> - use 2 Kb of kernel memory.
> >
> >
> >Bastien Roucaries <> writes:
> >
> >
> >>Indeed some flags are shared by many namespace for instance immutable is
> >>shared by xfs,ext2/3,jfs and by the fat ( with a special mount option).
> >>Compress also is a very common flag
> >>This flags are in the "common" sub-namespace.
> >>
> >>But some are fs specifics for instance notail attr of reiserfs,shortname
> >>of fat.They are in the the "spec"sub-namespace
> >
> >
> >I received the above email.
> >
> >This read/modify the file attributes of filesystem specific via xattr
> >interface (in this case, ARCHIVE, SYSTEM, HIDDEN flags of fatfs).
> >
> >Yes, also we can provide it via ioctl like ext2/ext3 does now.
> >
> >But if those flags provides by xattr interfaces and via one namespace
> >prefix, I guess the app can save/restore easy without dependency of
> >one fs.
> >
> >Which interface would we use for attributes of filesystem specific?
> >Also if we use xattr, what namepace prefix should be used?
> >
> >Any idea?
> >
> >Thanks.
> >

I suggested something like this to Andreas Gruenbacher in
March. We dialoged briefly about it and I've heard nothing

> I like the ideas that the patch seems to propose.
> Infact I'd like to see the use of xattr used for non-standard attributes
> applied to all fs.
> Specifically, I want to backup all partitions, and attribs from one OS:
> Linux. I do not want to loose fat attributes during backup.
> This would also be useful for the Wine developers.
> If you haven't got a response to your questions, maybe make your own
> decisions and submit a patch anyway.
> One question:
> How does the patch deal with the fact that only some named xattrs are
> permitted?
> I see 2 options:
> 1. all files/dirs in fat mount posess fat-specific xattrs. These xattrs
> are initialised at file/dir create. No further attribs can be added,
> none can be deleted. the fat attribute's Boolean value is defined by
> extended attribute's value.
> 2. all fat-specific attribs are optional, absence/presence defines
> boolean value. All operations are permitted, but can only add the
> fat-specific attributes.
> I prefer option 1, as it makes clear what attributes are available.

My suggested approach was to only read and write the
attributes as a complete set. Modification would require a
read, modify what is read, write. The EA name i suggested
was system.file-attr. Unsupported attributes would be
silently ignored (no error). If you wished to save unsupported
attributes for use in a foreign filesystem they could be
preserved in a user.* attribute.

The primary purpose of my suggestion was backups and file
transfers but this could easily be built on to make a
chattr/mattrib type utility that is filesystem agnostic.

The following is extracted from my portions of the exchange.

| It occurred to me that it might be desirable to added a
| facility to the extended attributes to allow reading and
| setting (as a block) the ext2 file attributes.
| I'm referring to the file attributes mentioned in the chattr
| command.
| Adding this facility would allow saving and restoring of
| these attributes with utilities not having specific ext[23]
| support.
| I'd suggest using long attribute names consistent with mount
| options with comma delimiters. I'd suggest the names:
| noatime
| append
| compress
| nodump
| immutable|readonly
| journal
| zero|scrub
| sync
| notail
| undelete

To this you could add archive, system and hidden for FAT.

| The extended attribute might look like
| system.file-attr: noatime,notail
| It might be reasonable to discuss this with the other
| filesystem groups so that a common set of attribute names
| could be agreed upon. Unrecognized attributes would be
| silently ignored.

| i wasn't suggesting that. [referring to [no]option to set/unset
| attributes] When i suggested notail
| and noatime options i was just aligning it with the mount
| options to which the attribute bits matched. The flag tail
| would not exist or would be the same as as notail. I wasn't
| suggesting that
| setfattr -n system.file-attr -v notail,append myfile
| would modify the flags but that it
| would replace the file attributes of myfile like
| chattr =ta myfile
| Attributes not listed in a setfattr call would be cleared.
| It would be something like (borrowed from ext2/super.c:parse_options)
| __u32 flags = 0;
| for (this_char = strtok (options, ",");
| this_char != NULL;
| this_char = strtok (NULL, ",")) {
| if (!strcmp (this_char, "noatime"))
| flags |= EXT2_NOATIME_FL;
| else if (!strcmp (this_char, "append"))
| flags |= EXT2_APPEND_FL;
| else if (!strcmp (this_char, "compress"))
| flags |= EXT2_COMPR_FL;
| else if (!strcmp (this_char, "nodump"))
| flags |= EXT2_NODUMP_FL;
| else if (!strcmp (this_char, "readonly")
| || !strcmp (this_char, "immutable"))
| flags |= EXT2_immutable_FL;
| else if (!strcmp (this_char, "scrub"))
| flags |= EXT2_SECRM_FL;
| else if (!strcmp (this_char, "undelete"))
| flags |= EXT2_UNRM_FL;
| else if (!strcmp (this_char, "sync"))
| flags |= EXT2_SYNC_FL;
| else if (!strcmp (this_char, "undelete"))
| flags |= EXT2_UNRM_FL;
| }
| inode->i_flags = flags;
| outputting the flag set would be much easier.

J.W. Schultz Pegasystems Technologies
email address:

Remember Cernan and Schmitt

J.W. Schultz Pegasystems Technologies
email address:

Remember Cernan and Schmitt
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