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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.5 IrDA] vlsi driver update
On Sun, 17 Aug 2003, Jeff Garzik wrote:

> Jean Tourrilhes wrote:
> > ir2603_vlsi-05.diff :
> > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> > <Patch from Martin Diehl>
> this patch needs splitting up

Ok, maybe this is your answer to what I've pointed out in PM some days
ago. But let me repeat just in case this was lost somehow.

During 2 months of repeatedly resending the patch the size was never an
issue - just silently dropped and then asked for resubmit.

Due to 3rd party changes getting applied it is practically impossible to
maintain this splitted into several parts over such a time.

Splitting it now - particularly after having it merged with such changes
over time - would cause major work. This stuff was on the irda list and on
Jean's page for several months without complains. In fact it would be even
more important to get the whole thing back into 2.4.

There are not many users with this hardware so even in the unlikely case
where it would break more than it fixes there are not many people
involved. We are talking about a patch against a single driver which I do
maintain actively.

I completely understand several smaller patches would be prefereable, but
given the history of the patch let me ask again whether it could be
applied to 2.6 in its current state. If not, I'd try to find some
resources to break it down for 2.6 - but as this will take some time and
I'm sure there will be other changes (both trivial an api-wise) meanwhile
I think I'll better wait until things settle around 2.6.5 or so...

And what are your suggestions wrt. to 2.4. For the backport, splitting it
up is absolutely impossible because it's merely a complete rewrite. The
options I see are (order of personal preference):

1) apply single big patch, basically replacing the code
2) back out the existing driver and put in a new one resulting in the same
code as above
3) do nothing, i.e. stay with vlsi_ir being worse and unsupported in 2.4

Please advise!


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