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SubjectRe: [PATCH] O16.2int
On Sat, 16 Aug 2003 21:07, Voluspa wrote:
> On 2003-08-16 8:59:48 Con Kolivas wrote:
> > Much simpler
> For a coder, perhaps. This user however is facing what feels like a
> fundamental flaw. The doubling of boot time was fixed, but game-test is
> pretty much as it was in pure O16 (impossible) and Blender is equally
> bad - now even the mouse pointer vanishes, becomes invisible, during the
> 10+ second pauses. And it is with Blender as only app running. Didn't
> dare to start xmms...


Funny you should mention xmms in the same sentence since that's an app that
works fine. I was under no illusion that O16s were going to make these apps
perform well. Now you have to clarify what you mean by game test as being
impossible. I assume you mean wine based games? The only game I own is
neverwinternights and that performs beautifully. You have to tell me about
this blender app? I'm unable to fully reproduce these problems here as the
only thing exhibiting starvation is a mozilla plugin that is busy on wait
using the libgdk(something) library, and it is usable without starvation
albeit at sucky performance. If you can profile blender sucking it would be

> I'll keep running the 2.6.0-test3 ---> O16.2int though. Might pick up
> other cases of regression in lighter usage.

It's not a matter of light versus heavy, it's only select applications. Try
running your machine at absurd loads (without hitting swap) with apps that
don't exhibit it.

Since these are the last thing in my gunsights for the interactivity
development I'd appreciate as much info as anybody has on what happens when
they suck, and if profiling can find a common link. Since I own none of the
apps that do this I can only try to fix them with your help. If someone is
available for frequent small patch testing that would also be helpful as that
helped the other interactivity development, so please email me directly.


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