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SubjectRe: Trying to run 2.6.0-test3
"Greg KH" <> replied to me:

> > 2. When I attach a USB hard disk drive, 2.6.0 drivers log:
> > [...] no runnable /etc/hotplug/scsi_device.agent is installed
> > 2.4.19 didn't have this problem. 2.4.19 automatically updated
> > /etc/fstab.
> Try getting the latest update of the hotplug scripts from
> if you don't like seeing this in your log
> files. It's a very harmless message.

Once I know that the message is harmless, I don't need to worry about it.
But it would be nice if 2.6.0 would automatically update /etc/fstab the way
2.4.19 did. I assume that the new hotplug scripts will do that.

By the way, since we had some discussion of USB keyboards, I want to mention
that it is separate (so far) from the keyboard problems that I've reported
for 2.6.0-test1 through test3. So far I've only tested 2.6.0 on machines
with PS/2 keyboards (or emulations thereof). Considering the patch for
test1 which still hasn't made it into test3, maybe I ought to try connecting
a USB keyboard to one machine soon. Meanwhile I don't dare to even try
2.6.0 on a machine which depends on its USB keyboard (no PS/2 ports and
cessation of BIOS emulation when the OS boots).

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