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SubjectRe: increased verbosity in dmesg
> > Is there any quick and dirty way to increase this to at least 32k, or
> > maybe even to 64k? With half a gig of memory, this shouldn't be a
> > problem should it?
> # dmesg -s 30000
Hmm, that would mean that bufer in kernel is different than 16kb which is not
true on UP x86 machines:

if defined(CONFIG_MULTIQUAD) || defined(CONFIG_IA64)
#define LOG_BUF_LEN (65536)
#elif defined(CONFIG_ARCH_S390)
#define LOG_BUF_LEN (131072)
#elif defined(CONFIG_SMP)
#define LOG_BUF_LEN (32768)
#define LOG_BUF_LEN (16384) /* This must be a power of two

USB messages are filling whole buffer for me on my UP x86 machine so I don't
see any messages before usb after fresh boot :(

Maybe this value should be increased in kernel to 32768 on UP, too?

> Works here.

Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz CS at FoE, Wroclaw University of Technology AM2-6BONE, 1024/3DB19BBD, arekm(at)ircnet, PLD/Linux

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