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SubjectRe: [BUG] slab debug vs. L1 alignement
Manfred Spraul wrote:

> Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
>>Same for ppc32. Anyway, I don't like MUST_HWCACHE_ALIGN because it
>>just disables redzoning, I'd rather allocate more and do both redzoning
>>and cache alignement.
> I have a patch that creates helper functions that make that simple. The
> patch is stuck right now, because it exposes a bug in the i386 debug
> register handling. I'll add it redzoning with MUST_HWCACHE_ALIGN after
> that one is in.

I have a related problem on s390: Some of my GFP_DMA data must be 8 byte
aligned, while my cache lines are 256 bytes wide. With slab debugging,
the whole structure is only 4 byte aligned and I get addressing exceptions.

When I go to MUST_HWCACHE_ALIGN, the data already grows from ~100 Bytes to
a full cache line, adding redzoning would make it far worse.

Is it possible to make kmem_cache_create accept a user specified alignment
parameter? I suppose there are other cases where you want to force
a specific alignment that is different from the L1 cache lines.

Arnd <><
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