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SubjectRe: browser oddities
Gene Heskett wrote:

>I've just come across another bit of 2.6 trivia.
>When browsing the web using mozilla-1.5a on a 2.6.0-test3-mm2 boot, I
>find that using the back button takes you back to the top of the
>previous page.
>So I rebooted to 2.4.22-rc2, and now the back button takes you back to
>the point of departure on the previous page.
>Thats the best description I can give, and of course I have NDI what
>might be causeing it, but it is a bit startling.
>This should work as expected before a real 2.6.0 is allowed out to
I'm running Mozilla 1.5a on 2.6.0-test3 (almost unpatched). Browser
correctly goes to the last scrolled position (on most pages) after
clicking the back button. I have periodically seen the symptom you
describe, but I don't believe it's kernel related, since I have seen
that symptom on 2.4. I would run more tests on both kernels, and look
for additional variables that could be contributing to it. You might
also try then non-mm2 test3 in the remote chance that it is a kernel
problem. Also, make sure the problem isn't specific to certain web
pages(right now, the problem manifests itself on the bugzilla pages, but
not on a handful of others that i've just checked), and check against
bugzilla 210992:


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