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SubjectRe: Centrino support
> > > Got a list of supported good working cards?
> >
> > There's a Dell TrueMobile card that uses the Orinoco chipset. If you're
> > feeling like life is too boring, there are cards based on the newer
> > Intersil dual 802.11b/g chipsets available, too, and though I haven't
> > checked into the shape of the drivers, I know they're under active
> > development.
> The Dell TrueMobile 1150 series are Agere/Orinoco/Hermes based (MiniPCI
> and PC-Card available). All other Dell TrueMobile cards are Broadcom
> based and have no Linux driver support either.
> There are also MiniPCI, PC-Card, USB adapters with 802.11a/b/g and Linux
> drivers available:

That driver contains a binary-only part.

The ath_hal module contains the Atheros Hardware Access Layer (HAL).
This code manages much of the chip-specific operation of the driver.
The HAL is provided in a binary-only form in order to comply with FCC
regulations. In particular, a radio transmitter can only be operated at
power levels and on frequency channels for which it is approved. The FCC
requires that a software-defined radio cannot be configured by a user
to operate outside the approved power levels and frequency channels.
This makes it difficult to open-source code that enforces limits on
the power levels, frequency channels and other parameters of the radio
transmitter. See

for the specific FCC regulation. Because the module is provided in a
binary-only form it is marked "Proprietary"; this means when you load
it you will see messages that your system is now "tainted".

US was a free country. It gets worse by the day.
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