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SubjectRe: increased verbosity in dmesg
> Greetings;
> The recently increased verbosity in the dmesg file is causeing the "ring
> buffer" to overflow, and I am not now seeing the first few
> pages of the reboot in the dmesg file.
> I understand this 'ring' buffer has been expanded to about 16k but that was
> way back in 2.1 days when that occured according to the
> Documentation.
> Is there any quick and dirty way to increase this to at least 32k, or maybe
> even to 64k? With half a gig of memory, this shouldn't be a problem should
> it?
> I've done some grepping, but it appears I'm not grepping for the right var
> name, so I'm coming up blank and need some help.

It's a config option in 2.6 and recent 2.5 kernels if DEBUG_KERNEL
is enabled:

int "Kernel log buffer size (16 => 64KB, 17 => 128KB)" if DEBUG_KERNEL

In 2.4, edit kernel/printk.c and change the appropriate line:

#if defined(CONFIG_MULTIQUAD) || defined(CONFIG_IA64)
#define LOG_BUF_LEN (65536)
#elif defined(CONFIG_ARCH_S390)
#define LOG_BUF_LEN (131072)
#elif defined(CONFIG_SMP)
#define LOG_BUF_LEN (32768)
#define LOG_BUF_LEN (16384) /* This must be a power of two */


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