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SubjectRe: Input issues - key down with no key up
Vojtech Pavlik wrote:
> > 2. Set up _every_ other key to be non-repeating in software, with
> >
> > (a) consecutive DOWN events causing a synthetic UP just before
> > the second and subsequent DOWNs.
> Won't work on keyboards which send more than one DOWN before an UP.
> There are a bunch of these, notably the broken notebook keyboards.

I forgot to mention 2b: if subsequent DOWNs appear in rapid succession
_soon_ after the first DOWN, it's a buggy laptop. Ignore those
subsequent DOWNs.

> > After booting, if the user presses "r", it will behave as expected -
> > it's covered by 1.
> >
> > If the user presses "Fn+F1" or some other unknown key which doesn't
> > report UP events, it won't repeat and it will report DOWN then UP
> > input events, once each time it is pressed.
> Fn+F1 won't most likely generate a keypress event. It'll just change the
> contrast via the BIOS or something.

I meant the keys which started this thread:

I have a notebook (Dell Latitude D800) which has some keys (actual
fn+something combinations) that generate Down events but no Up events
(clever, isn't it).

> I really believe that keys which generate the same scancode when pressed
> and released (as per the report which started the thread) usually happen
> because the keyboard is in some non-native mode.
> I have keyboards which report the same scancode for both press and
> release of several keys (making the keys undistinguishable) unless
> switched to scancode set 3.

If switching to scancode set 3 solves the whole problem, that's great :)

-- Jamie
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